Gryphon: Secure WiFi Router to Protect the Connected Family

Created by Gryphon Online Safety, Inc.

Gryphon: Secure WiFi Router to Protect the Connected Family
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Simple to set up in minutes, the Gryphon secure WiFi router protects your children from inappropriate content and your network from cyber threats without compromising network throughput and wireless coverage. Using your Gryphon iOS or Android app, you can now have full control over your network without breaking a sweat. Manage on the go with secure real time requests. See all their activities with visual browsing history. Set limits with bed time, homework time, and popular App controls. Block viruses and ransomware at the network level.

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$67,167.00 / 396 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: January 2018
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Gryphon Router + Free 1 Year Whole House Malware
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Gryphon Mesh Double Pack + Free 1 Year Security...
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Extra 2 Years Security